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Yungstar - Throwed Yung Playa (2000, Houston, TX)

Message Publié : 10 Déc 2007, 16:10
par boi-dan_boi-dan
Yungstar - Throwed Yung Playa
Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall
3. Ballin For Position
4. Got's 2 Be Everything
5. Yall Don't Know
6. Grippin Grain
7. We Got Plex
8. Keep It Real
9. I'm Still A Baller
10. Pimping Pens & Blessing Pads
11. Let's Get It Together
12. Parlay & Sippin
13. Commercial
14. Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall (Remix)
15. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Disc 2
1. Who We Are
2. The 3rd Coast...
3. Blast Off Like A Rocket
4. Cracks To Dats
5. Ballin'
6. Grippin Grain (Remix)
7. Ballin For Position

After the huge sucess of Lil' Troy's Wanna Be A Baller in 1999(in which Yungstar had two verses), Yungstar was expected to do big things. His 2000 release; Throwed Yung Playa was highly anticipated. The album however didn't fully & properly showcase Yungstar's skill. Some of his verses from his album are unintelligble do to his extremely heavy drawl and obvious intoxication while performing. The latter has derailed his career severely. His frequent intoxication was even an obstacle for magazine journalist interviewing him during his promotion/market campaign of Throwed Yung Playa. This has been cited in at least one of his interviews. Although the album was bit of a let down, there are still a few hits on the album. It is the general consensus of most Houston fans, that a sober Yungstar can still make a classic album in this day and age.