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[sale] Shortdogg's marketplace

Message Publié : 30 Mars 2010, 03:18
par Shortdogg
Tout les cd sont en excellent etat, j'ai pas encore eu le temps de mettre les prix, en attendant ceux qui qui sont interresses par des cd faite moi signe.

Sk all day - sk all day
Unusual suspects - puttin' the south on the mapper
Archiee lee- 8100%
discuva - dirty ballin
Crimies - its gonna be alright
Romey rome- the slick the sly and the wicked
Mr sleep - land of the breathers
Mace - the fatal lapse
Tip - the game
Krucked-m-age - definitely krucked
Ckc - the family
Big toine - put it down
Mr free jack- very smooth on paper
Hoop la - comin' from the g-side
Coop mc - currency
2 one one - in progress
Hogg boss - hoggin my way
D'yo - southside hotboy pump'n dat fyr
Big ed big man - window 2 my soul
Dsc - who u thank it be?
Cognac & suave dre - Goodplayuh'z
Louisville slugga - all work no play
Bg knocc out & dresta - real brothas
Minds of michief - unexpected changes
Major league (2cd) - mobbin' thru da dirty south
Suffocated records present 2 four 5 comp
Wyld seedz - dangerously uprooted
Black ark present the eye of the storm
Og locc - my way
young flav - catch me if you can
Fatal (vallego)
Top prize - playalistic conversation
Sons of funk - the game of funk 
Potna deuce - heron soup
rodney d - a moment of silence
D.E.A. - screwed for life
Geetas - when the smoke cleared 
Big mack - a better way
Unspoken vandal - when it rain it pours
Jt bigga figga - dwellin' in tha labb
Sean t - pimp lyrics & dollar signs
Tone capone ft2000
Mgb- nowhere to run
Point game- boogie bandero
Slice - the takeover
Potent c - potent conversation
Va escape from death row
Young guns- world war
Rbl posse - an eye for an eye
Totally insane - back street life
The madd nation - situations
Kalis finest - spread ya hustle international 
Lex ad - silenced by the greed
Kzo - the best kept secret
Crime related
Steady mobbin - pre-meditated drama
Mac shawn - music fo tha mobb
3xkrazy sick o
Mac mall - untouchable
Bad azz - word on tha streets
N2deep - the golden state
Dound n durdee - the arrival
Reservoir dogs uncivilized
The mackadelics- exposed to the game
Bay area playaz vol2
Mr x - Mr x
Sh'killa - gangstrez from da bay
Blackmail - risk vs reward
Mr sandman- out of time
Richie rich- half thang
Fidel castro - absolute power
Playas association - bomb bay
Gmo - ballin 4 life
Es mac - my life
Dj daryl's block monstaz
Allfrumthai - uncut
11/5- the overdose
Mr str8 - living on the edge
Loud - bout t' blo up
Da unda doggs- steady smashin
Legit - its all in the game
Pimp p mack - the total package
Bayriderz comp 98
Cellblock vol2 face/off
Brithas coming up - the album
Dj aladdin ward time
Strictly 4 tha street comp
Do or die - heads or tailz
Cool- funk fo'life
E-dubb - funky head rush
Kollision- high performance
Lil black - we all gone die
Lil black - aroind the world in a day
Sporty t - chromed out
Va - strictly 4 tha street
Dollars & spence records family tree
Mia x - unlady like
Pts - all frames of the game
Crazy - please don't kill me
Bay area playas 2 - raining lee in the bay
Rasheeda- dirty south
Murder squad - squad nationwide
Billy bavgate present life in the street
Def souf records present soufside so real
C-style present 19th street lbc compilation
Lunasicc - mr lunasicc
Marvaless - wicked
The click - game related
Game related - soak game
Mc brainz - brainwashed
Squeek da primadonna - pms
Pymp tyte - all n'yo face
Okolo of block monstaz - diamond n-tha ruff
Scrooge- ride wit me
Chip records 96 compiltion album
Chap cheeze - life iza gamble
Va- code of silence
Taydatay - anticipaytion
A-1 - mash confusion
Suga-t - paper chasin 

P.o.d.e. - ville man dem ( prod tc & enhancer)
Dtl - dyin'2 live
Funk mobb - it ain't 4 play
Steady mobb'n - blood money

Seno - meme les anges pleurent

Re: [sale] Shortdogg

Message Publié : 08 Avr 2010, 22:32
par Shortdogg

Brotha Lynch Hung "Season Of Da Siccness"
Daz Dillinger - R.A.W

j'ai pas preciser mais tout les cd sont des og press, a part le Game Related.

Re: [sale] Shortdogg

Message Publié : 09 Avr 2010, 15:15
par kenyon
jte prend le BLH pour 15 euro frais de ports inclus, confirme moi ou pas

Re: [sale] Shortdogg

Message Publié : 09 Avr 2010, 15:52
par The Untouchable
Je t'ai envoyé un message privé hier soir !