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Slacker Pad Radio announces partnership with

Message Publié : 09 Fév 2008, 07:16
par XL Middleton
Just wanted to let everyone know that Slacker Pad Radio and 187 Radio are taking a major step forward by forging a partnership with major West Coast hip hop website As you know, DubCNN has been bringing all the latest in West Coast hip hop news and exclusive music, and they are continuing in that tradition by offering podcasts of each episode of Slacker Pad Radio. While you will be able to hear our show first by listening to the 187 Radio broadcast every Saturday, if you miss out you will able to get the podcast for free through DubCNN (although if you're on this site you're probably just getting the episodes from here LOL...). So don't forget to leave your feedback on our show so we can bringing you that West Coast Slacker shit!!!! Yup...

Message Publié : 09 Fév 2008, 10:24
par Konfusion
what up mang...

Alan i mean kid boogie was tellin me bout this the other day.

i want to see the footage of what i was doin on stage at the event in the oc with kid boogie..

Message Publié : 10 Fév 2008, 13:35
par Kija a écrit:XL Middleton's "Slacker Pad Radio" On Dubcnn! - February 9, 2008 By : Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn is offering a new radio series podcast from XL Middleton & Rev starting this Monday!

The West Coast artists have started a hilarious new program called "Slacker Pad Radio". Each week, the duo will tackle many off-kilter social issues and inject their signature blend of irreverent humor and slacker minded mentality to the mix. They'll also play a variety of West Coast music, from G-Funk classics to today's hits, and even unreleased gems.

If you're interested in hearing "Slacker Pad Radio" live, you can stream it tonight at 9 PM PST on 187 Radio. If you can't make the live broadcast, don't worry, because we're going to offer the series starting on Monday for free download via our ever growing Podcast Network!

Before we leave you today, we're dropping a new track from XL Middleton's "Barliment Drunkadelic" album as well. If you haven't picked up a copy of the album yet, you're really missing out on something special. The record epitomizes West Coast music in many ways, so don't sleep on it and get it here. If you're not convinced yet, check out the record "Falling Down" below.

XL Middleton - Falling Down

Come back on Monday for the "Slacker Pad Radio" debut!

Message Publié : 10 Fév 2008, 19:12
par Kicket
eheh tu m'as devancé pour le copier/coller... donc checkez à la date d'hier, samedi 9 février !! 8) 8)

du coup les 5 premières émissions (toutes d'ors et déjà téléchargeables ici) vont être rediffusées à partir de ce weekend... et rendez-vous est pris le samedi 15 mars pour le Slacker Pad Radio #6... :wink:

Message Publié : 12 Fév 2008, 20:04
par Kicket a écrit:XL Middleton/Rev "Slacker Pad Radio" Podcast - February 12, 2008 By : Eddie Gurrola

Although the release has been slightly delayed, we're happy to present the first episode of XL Middleton & Rev's "Slacker Pad Radio" today. Expect plenty of wacky humor and some tight West Coast jams. This is a real fun show, so don't miss out your chance to hear it from the beginning!

We've also made it easier for our readers to listen to our podcasts by offering a streaming option that will load instantly for those with broadband connections. Check out the show below, and bookmark the page for new episodes of "Slacker Pad Radio" every Monday on Dubcnn.

XL Middleton & Rev Present Slacker Pad Radio [Free Podcast Download]

We urge you to leave feedback in our forums so that we can know how you feel about the new show!

Stay tuned to Dubcnn for the latest on the West Coast.

et hop le lien direct vers la page "podcast" de SPR sur DubCNN :

8) 8)