#047 (2009-04-15) - Guest Disco Alamo

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#047 (2009-04-15) - Guest Disco Alamo

Message par Ya Boy Black Ice le 15 Avr 2009, 14:46

Today was a special day, for two reasons:

Reason #1: We have a special guest. A discussion with the 1st rapper from Richmond, California to release a real record, Disco Alamo. The 12" entitled "The Task Force" was released in 1986 on GlobeTown Records. Pre Golden-Era, but a history lesson for sure. Alamo called-in live from Hawaii to discuss Classic Bay Area Rap and his current position with the energy drink company, Hunid Racks founded by another Richmond alumni Annette McFarland.


Reason #2: Breez of Diamond-Style Productions in New Siberia, Russia just released an instrumental album to showcase his production. Breez and I have collaborated on 3 tracks to be featured on the coming album "YBBI : Gone International". With that said, Breez gave me the OK to spin his instrumentals on the show. So you get a real dose of Breez under the Discussion and YBBI breaks.

Breez - Rhythmoholik [2009]

Also, my new release "YBBI : The Clean Collection" is now available at http://www.CDbaby.com/all/Travlyrics and http://www.CDbaby.com/yaboyblackice2 15 Tracks no profanity! Perfect for those days when you have the kids.

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1. Task Force - Disco Alamo And The Beat Professors - Task Force 12" - 1986

2. Dance Baby - Disco Alamo And The Beat Professor - Task Force 12" - 1986

3. 3Ds (Dank, Drank, & Dominoes) - Ya Boy Black Ice (ft. Klint Flint, Poorman Dre) - 5.0 REASONS 10th Anniversary (1998-2008) - 2008

4. Stress Free (RMX) - Rinessy & YBBI - A FIFTH OF RINNESSY OVER YBBI

and a lot of Breez of Diamond-Style Productions

Listen to the YBBI show. We got some good BA shit you have never heard.


YBBI - 5.0 REASONS - 10th Anniversary CD (1998 - 2008)
Same Classic Album + 4 unreleased Bay Area G-Funk Tracks
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#047 (2009-04-15) - Guest Disco Alamo



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