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Neighborhood Clicc - It's Your Own Life (1997, West Covina)

Message Publié : 09 Mai 2007, 13:49
par Schore
Neighborhood Clicc is a group out of West Covina consisting of J-Mac & Double G. They released their only (at least i think so) album "It's Your Own Life" 1997 on PR Records. It's a very nicely produced cd with some live instruments. They got a Dre'sta feature on here and also one by Leicy Loc who appeared many years later on Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle Allstars" compilation. Other names appearing Boxxsir, C.B.D., Sicc Rich, Skanless Tony, Ghost (don't know if it's the Inglewood "Ghostt", i'd suppose he ain't), Big Mike, Goldie.


Couple additional infos:

- there's another very good album that came out on PR Records: The I.B.S (Innocent Bystanders) - Just Trying To Hang On from 1997
It was produced by Watts Up Productions..who also did the "L.A. Attitude Feat. G-Lo - Streets Of Dope" EP (1992 Neighborhood Records), a nice old school release with the great song "back in the days". I don't think the G-Lo is the same who did "still a nigga", that's a bay cd as far as i remember.


Neighborhood Clicc feat. Dre'sta - West Covina

L.A. Attitude - Back In The Days

Does anybody know more releases on PR Records? So far there 2-for-2 for great albums (atleast for me :) ).
Any other info about the more unknown names i posted would be great as well :)

Message Publié : 09 Mai 2007, 20:20
par Ronnie Ron
yeah very bangin album but no more,it's not my favorite from west covina
the rest i don't know...good job cuzz :wink:

Message Publié : 09 Mai 2007, 21:22
par OGKim
bacc n tha days is hard ass gangsta shit str8 from the ???wich hood??

Message Publié : 09 Mai 2007, 21:34
par Ronnie Ron

Re: Neighborhood Clicc - It's Your Own Life (1997, West Covina)

Message Publié : 21 Jan 2009, 13:05
par Hustlerdu59
I don't know if somebody else followed this auction:


It seems that their are some unreleased track wich you can't find on the 4 track Ep and their 1997 album!!! I hope to test this shit soon from my homie.