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O.E.S. - The Entity (1999, 805)

Message Publié : 30 Jan 2006, 22:06
par Thomas
En provenance du 805, sur le label Poc-Town Records.
Ca date de 99 et j'ai pas plus de newz sur eux. 1 album diversifié entre sons smooth ou bien g. 1 seul constat, des flow de psykos.
Je le cherche en OG.


You Cant Fade
Keep Forgetting
Gotta Get Mine
The "G" In Me
Hit Me On Da Hip
West Coast Rocks
Struggle Before You Bubble
The Entity

et un extrait

Message Publié : 30 Jan 2006, 23:25
par Perico
la même, gros album, trop court malheureusement

Message Publié : 31 Jan 2006, 16:47
par Tony57
il n'exisqte pa en og, seulement cd/r avec covers apparement

Re: O.E.S. - The Entity (1999, 805)

Message Publié : 19 Sep 2008, 14:45
par Thomas
Deep: A Family Production features a variety of rap artists... More from three independent labels: HooDDRocKK Records (Cali Bay Area), Chocolate Thunder Entertainment (Denver), PocTown/O.E.S. Mobb Entertainment (Central Coast of Cali). Given the number of artists contributing to this wide-ranging collection, there's no shortage of variety here. Many of the tracks are produced by DonzeLLi, and O.E.S. produces a handful of the tracks as well. Though none of these rappers or producers are relatively well-known, they're all quite impressive, making this a similarly impressive collection that is full of pleasant surprises. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide


1. Welcome to Deep (Intro) - Deep
2. Lifestyles of the Poor and Mad About It (Skit) - Deep
3. Critical - Darryl B., Deep
4. D-Town - Jean-Marc Delavallee, Deep, Demetri "Besieger", Donzelli
5. Playa State-Us - Deep, Demetri "Besieger", J-Meez
6. World Bump - Jean-Marc Delavallee, Deep, Hassein, The Smoke
7. Spotlight's (..Hella Hot!) - Dazi, Deep, O.E.S., Stixx, Swame
8. Groundbreakin' - Deep, Demetri "Besieger", Spicey Mike
9. Now U Know - Adaam, Deep, Los Tha Jackal, John Madden
10. So Sudden - Deep, The Fugitives
11. O.E.S. Prayer - Dazi, Deep
12. Can't Fade - Dazi, Deep, O.E.S., Stixx, Swame
13. Weekend - Deep, Donzelli
14. Just Entertainment - Deep, Demetri "Besieger"
15. Sinister - Deep, Demetri "Besieger", Lil Nutt, Los Tha Jackal, Peru Tha Snypa
16. Rollin' - Cas, Dazi, Deep, Fablano, O.E.S., Stixx, Swame
17. Mile Away - Jean-Marc Delavallee, Deep, Hassein, The Smoke, Suga Bear
18. Sad Story - Deep, Los Tha Jackal
19. O.E.S. Got Beats - Dazi, Deep, O.E.S., Stixx, Swame
20. Sh*t Gon Change - Besieger, Deep, Demetri "Besieger"