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Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 11:43
par Dogg Ly Dogg
Séparé je pense... sinon les 2 albums ont finalement fait surface sur le net et là :shock: je viens de réapprendre la définition de LOURD! L'album fait trop trop mal!

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 12:12
par Ricco
Ah là ça fait plaisir!

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 14:16
par Ricco
LP leaké qui apparement séparé :

Night :

1. Over The Stove 4:30
2. Nice Guys 3:55
3. Cant Stop The Boss (Ft. Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Jazze Pha) 3:14
4. Show Me What U Workin With (Ft. Too Short) 4:06
5. How Im Feeling Right Now 3:53
6. Knock Em Down Music (Ft. Ya Boy, Turf Talk, Cousin Fik) 4:34
7. Stilettos And Jeans (Ft. Bobby V) 3:56
8. Hes A Gangsta (Ft. The Boy Boy Young Mess, The Jacka, Kaveo) 4:17
9. Spend The Night (Ft. Laroo, The DBz, Droop-E, B-Slim) 3:52
10. Wet (Ft. Ya Boy, Cousin Fik) 3:25
11. Trained To Go (Ft. Laroo, The DBz, Mac Shawn, 100) 3:37
12. More Bass, More Treble (Ft. Cousin Fik, Turf Talk) 3:42
13. Ahhhh Shit 3:32
14. Turn Up The Music 3:27
15. Power Up (Ft. Keak Da Sneak, San Quinn) 4:45
16. Prepared 4:10
17. Attention (Ft. Dru Down, Suga Free, Stomp Down) 4:43
18. The Server 3:10
19. Let Go And Let God (Ft. Lenny Williams) 4:57

1. Back In Business 4:38
2. Whip It Up (Ft. Gucci Mane) 3:16
3. Bitch (Ft. Too Short) 3:23
4. Undastandz Me 4:01
5. Duck 3:22
6. I Get Down (Ft. B-Legit) 3:22
7. The Art Of Story Tellin 4:15
8. Fuck You Right (Ft. J. Valentine) 2:58
9. This A Boy (Ft. Droop-E) 4:03
10. Im A Teach Ya How To Sell Dope 4:27
11. The Weedman (Ft. Stresmatic) 4:42
12. Lightweight Jammin (Ft. Clyde Carson, Husalah) 2:56
13. Everyday Is A Weekend (Ft. The Jacka) 2:35
14. Got It 3:06
15. Rick Ross Horns (Ft. Mary James) 4:13
16. Dem Boyz 3:32
17. Outta Control (Ft. Dem Hoodstarz, Mistah F.A.B.) 3:33
18. All I Need 4:44
19. Its Gotta Get Betta (Ft. Mike Marshall, Suga T) 5:05

Feedback dès que j'ai le temps.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 14:49
par Bouli
Ouais c'est separe ca a ete presente comme ca des le debut.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 15:17
par Ricco
Je viens de passer le "Night "en speed , je le trouve vraiment horrible dans l'ensemble :cry: je ne retiens aucune track pour l'instant.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 19:32
par The Untouchable
Et moi le Day en speed egalement et mis à part trois tracks je ne retiens rien..pour moi cela manque de musicalité, il y a que des basses en gros. Trop proche d'un son hyphy pour moi. J'espere kiffer au moins le Night..

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 19:38
par antianti
honnetement faut bien prendre le temps d'écouter ya quelques bonnes balles sur chaque CD...mais seulement quelques...
comme tu dis sur le day y'a beaucoup de son bass...
ce qui est étonnant c'est que c'est un mec qui n'a pas 25 piges et on dirait qu'il cherche toujours à prouver qu'il est capable d'être plus innovateur que les jeunes...du coup çà défavorise les anciens qui préfèrent le délire entre guillemet à "l'ancienne"

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 25 Mars 2010, 19:40
par The Untouchable
Je sais pas trop ce qu'il cherche mais en tout cas meme si les instrus ne sont pas à mon gout faut avouer que son flow est toujours :shock: :shock:

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 27 Mars 2010, 10:35
par G-Ro
très grosse déception pour ma part, enfin tout est relatif vu que j'attendais pas grand chose mais le titre "Bitch" m'avait fait espéré un minimum de tracks audibles. Rien à dire sur la prestation d'E-40, le mec envoie du lourd... par contre musicalement, aïe aïe aïe, quand tu n'es pas préparé à çà, çà peut te claquer les oreilles à vie un truc pareil. FAIBLE, voir très faible, autant de titres, pas un pour rattraper l'autre, ou presque (même la prod "Bitch" est réchauffée en fait). Dommage.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 27 Mars 2010, 14:28
par Cortez
8. Hes A Gangsta (Ft. The Boy Boy Young Mess, The Jacka, Kaveo) 4:17

Popopop elle va me faire mon week end à l'aise, bombe atomique!!

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 28 Mars 2010, 09:36
par Lord Fatine
E-40 Record Release Party... 2010 Club WET in San Jose, CA

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 30 Mars 2010, 20:00
par The Untouchable
Le Night est vraiment pas mal. Il y a de la grosse merde comme sur le Day mais il y a de gros gros son a coté de ça.
Je ferai un track par track dans le sjours à venir.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 31 Mars 2010, 09:03
par GizoFizo
Je vais juste vous donnez mon avis sur le "day" car pour le moment je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de me pencher sur le "night".
Pour faire simple il n'y a rien a sauver, déception totale car même si on ne peut pas attendre un classic de la belle époque y a un mimimun a respecter qui pour moi ne l'ai même pas ....

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 31 Mars 2010, 11:17
par Lord Fatine
Chez ils ont réduit la tracklist à 1 CD :
1. Back In Business
2. Over The Stove
3. Whip It Up f/ Gucci Mane
4. Prepared
5. Ahhhh Shit
6. This A Boy f/ Droop-E
7. I’m A Teach You How To Sell Dope
8. He’s a Gangsta f/ Messy Marv*, The Jacka & Kaveo
9. Lightweight Jammin f/ Clyde Carso & Husalah
10. The Art Of Storytellin
11. The Server
12. Trained To Go f/ Laroo, The DBz & Mac Shawn
13. Nice Guys
14. Everyday Is A Weekend f/ The Jacka
15. Attention f/ Dru Down & Suga Free
16. Spend The Night f/ Laroo, The DBz, Droop-E & B-Slimm
17. Bitch f/ Too Short
18. It’s Gotta Get betta f/ Mike Marshall & Suga T

Most rap double albums stretch themselves too far, trying to touch every aspect of the market. The Life After Death model. So it’s surprising to hear how samey the 38 songs that comprise both discs of Revenue Retrevin feel. Don’t get me wrong, there is some earth shattering production** on this record and 40 still got them everlasting spittums. (He does seem a little lazy on the hook writing tip, but that’s never been a strong point for him. I almost wish he’d go “Da Bumble” route and just rhyme until there are no rhymes left.) Of course the other double disc crutch is limped on here – the presence of unnecessary guests. The undeniable solo tracks – “Ahhhh Shit,” “Teach You How To Sell Dope,” “The Art Of Storytellin” – obviously make the cut on this filtered single disc playlist, but a lot of the other records seem pretty interchangeable. Often my selection just boils down to a matter of whether I want to hear Snoop or Jacka, Fabby or Gucci. The guests themselves seem like they’re there more for the purpose of a statement than any sort of stylistic or creative choice. This has been 40’s approach to album making for about the past decade. When he wanted to explicitly embrace the South he got a gang of Southern emcees, when he wanted to go pop he made a bunch of songs with Lil Jon or whoever those singing ass robot bammas were. And now that he’s returning to his roots he’s bogged his album down with every Bay rapper ever. Not because of what they bring to the project but because he wants to tell you that, yes, once again, he’s about his Bay biddness. I wonder if we’re ever going to get another 40 album where 40 does most to all of the rapping. Because as good as some of these other guys are, none of them are even in the same solar system as 40 Water. Both halves of Revenue Retrevin are in stores now.

I think Day Shift is the superior disc.

* I am not calling him by that other name. Hey, wanna buy a poster?
** Best beats on the album go to “Teach You How To Sell,” which is just some full bodied synth hop and “Spend The Night.” I feel like a sucker for going for all too obvious the Bjork bait, but the vocal treatment and the eerie beat switch really feels like something that she and her team would do. Droop doesn’t just sample this shit, he studies it.

Interview par Maurice Garland :
Ozone Mag a écrit:E-40’s Revenue Retrievin’ Day Shift and Night Shift hit stores today. 40 will also be featured on the next cover of Ozone. In celebration of his new album coming out today, we’re going to share a snippet of the story where he talks about everything from being the most bitten rapper in the game, why he doesn’t do mixtapes and why he compares himself to Roger Troutman and George Clinton.
“I was sellin tapes out the trunk of my car, when you was running ‘round drinking Simalac”—E-40 on ”Record Haters” from the album Hall of Game

The rapper born Earl Stevens is ageing quite well. Not a wrinkle in his skin or a grey on his head (thank god he cut those dreads off last year), E-40 in 2010 looks almost exactly the same way he did on the cover of his 1992 album Federal.
“They tell me I’ve been drinking out the fountain of youth, they say I’m ageing backwards,” he chuckles. “I’m not trying t be 21 again, but I do think I am in my 3rd childhood.”

After years of debating if it wanted to stay young or mature, Hip Hop is finally looking as if it wants to act its age. For the first time the “young man’s game” is seeing some of its stars and most powerful voices achieve success and maintain relevance at and past age 40. Rappers like Jay-Z, Too $hort and most recently Raekwon are showing and proving that being “over the hill” in no way means that their career is headed downhill.

In E-40’s case, age has never really been a factor. He’s been able to stay ahead of the curve by being active in every change and trend that Hip Hop comes up with. When the South was on the rise, he was recording with 8Ball & MJG, Master P and Cash Money. When the South began reigning supreme, he made sure he made songs like “Rep Yo City.” When snap music exploded, he hopped on Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers.” When Hyphy became a movement, he pretty much led the charge with his 2006 hit “Tell Me When To Go.”

“I stay woke,” 40 states bluntly. “I don’t use ancient slang, ain’t no nigga my age rapping like me. I’m on some updated shit, and I got that OG in me. I got that 80s game in me and today’s game in me. I can whup these youngsters with their own game.”

That’s what 40 hopes to do with his new 2-part album Revenue Retrievin’. Similar to what Nelly did in 2004 with his Sweat/Suit concept, 40 will be releasing a Day Shit and Night Shift version of the album separately on the same day, giving consumers three choices at the store.

“I had so much material, I took my budget that I had and squeezed it into two albums,” he says. “Its two separate albums, two different packages with two different barcodes. Some may like Day Shift but not Night Shift or vice versa. If I was an E-40 fan I’d just snatch both of them. You’ve got to draw interest in selling albums nowadays. A lot of people are curious to see how this pans out, that’s why I did it. One album wasn’t enough for me. If I did a single album I don’t think it would be this much awareness around it.”

Revenue Retrievin’ isn’t 40’s first crack at dropping a double album. He released the 1997 compilation SouthWest Riders on his Sic Wit It label that featured two discs worth of music with from UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Luniz, Twista, Three Six Mafia and virtually every artist from the South, West and Midwest that was hot at the time. In 1998 he dropped his first solo double, and perhaps his most hyped album, The Element of Surprise. So if anything, this should prove that 40 knows what he’s doing.

However, releasing a double album in today’s musical climate does raise eyebrows. With most fans growing either accustomed or annoyed by the constant barrage of free music via the internet and mixtapes, asking fans to buy one album is a hard sell, so how can you expect them to buy two?

“A lot of people who do mixtapes do it to keep their name hot and that’s cool,” says 40 when asked why he elects to release albums and not mixtapes. “But my music needs to be documented in the history books and barcoded. I don’t like wasting music, I put my all into my raps. Its certain things you have to do for free like shows for radio or shows when you’re first starting out. But I’m already a well known dude, so I feel like that’s not something I have to do. But I understand why the newer artists do it.”

The rest of this story will be available in the next issue of Ozone in stores sooner than you think.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 31 Mars 2010, 20:27
par Cortez
Ah wai c'est la voix de Bjork sur "spend the night", j'y connais un peu rien sur le coup mais jme disais que y'avait moyen que ce soit pas une meuf du quartier samplé au hasard sur cette track à l'ambiance juste énormissime et blindé de folle sensualité.

Faut s'accrocher pour s'envoyer sans pause au moins 1 des 2 LPs en entier en tout cas, alors les 2... respect si quelqu'un l'a fait.
C'est vrai que tracklisté comme l'a fait cocaineblunt sur 1 seul Cd, ca aurait déjà été mieux. Limite assez bon LP meme, à l'aise en fait, là le problème c'est toute cette autre moitié voir meme en fait 2/3 des quasi 40 tracks juste chaud à digérer.

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 01 Avr 2010, 09:57
par Lord Fatine
Forty Fonzarelli en mode promo :

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 04 Avr 2010, 20:37
par Lord Fatine
Sinon y a deux GROS sons qui se suivent et qui font bien mal :


Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 06 Avr 2010, 14:02
par Lord Fatine

Bonus track :

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Message Publié : 09 Avr 2010, 14:14
par Kicket
le blog The Bay Is Back relaie le concours de remix du morceau "The Server" : a écrit:Starting today and lasting until April 8th, E-40 is calling out all fans, producers, DJ’s, MC’s, etc for his “The Server” Remix contest, in which the winner will win an official digital release of their “The Sever” remix!

The contest is simple…All you have to do is download the vocal and instrumental tracks
from “The Server” and make your own remix of the song. Contestants can either use “The
Sever” vocals on a different beat/track of their choice OR they can take “The Sever”
instrumental track and spit their own verse alongside 40’s. Contestants will then submit
their “The Server” remix track to E-40 himself will go
through the remixes to choose which one he wants to sell digitally.

Link to Instrumentals and Vocals

voici ceux publiés jusqu'à maintenant :

- Equivalent Exchange Remix :

- The Legion Remix :

- Indecent The Slapmaster Remix :

- Rob-E Remix :

- Tony Lo Remix :

ils sont tous archi opés, mais celui de Tony Lo devrait avoir les faveurs de la plupart des 187 Ridaz, étant donné son parti pris musical, eheh :

Tony Lo has worked with the following artists: Philthy Rich, Mistah F.A.B., Young Gully, Nio The Gift & Danked Out

When asked about his thought process in making the beat, Tony Lo said:

“Before making the beat, I was listening to tracks from E-40’s *In A Major
Way*. I thought it would be a great idea to emulate a vintage mob beat that
I could see 40 using in the 90’s, because I felt it would compliment the
style of his flow the best. I started with the piano melody, inspired by the
track ‘Da Bumble’ off of *In A Major Way* and everything fell right into
place after that.”

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 12 Avr 2010, 16:46
par Kicket
à ce rythme là il va finir par cliper les 2 skeuds complets, lol :

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 13 Avr 2010, 16:00
par Lord Fatine
Interview de E-40 sur : a écrit:Revenue Retrievin' or the Road to Retirement? An Interview with E-40


By Dell Frost | MOG Associate Editor

The unwavering consistency in E-40's music over time has earned him one of the most loyal fan bases in hip-hop. While he's considered by many to be a West Coast rapper, numbers don't lie: in the internet age, 56 million MySpace plays makes you an international artist.

Twenty years after he laid the blueprint for independent rap artists, selling tens of thousands of tapes out of the trunk of his car, E-40 has finally returned to the indie game. After years spent at Jive and Warner, his new twin albums Revenue Retreievin: Day Shift and Night Shift, are out on an indie imprint. Does this 180-degree journey to the indie ranks mean E-40 is considering retirement? Did the hyphy movement fail because Bay Area radio doesn't support its own artists? MOG's Dell Frost asked E-40 all these questions and more...

MOG: Revenue Retrievin' is being released independently, but you were signed to Jive Records for over 10 years. What made you go the indie route this time around?

E-40: It was just time, I did ten years with Jive, then I did four years with Warner Bros. and it was just time to switch up and do the indie thing. Because with my connections and my networking abilities, and my knowledge. I feel like I can do just as much as the majors do, so I cut out the liaison, the middle man, you smell me?

MOG: For years now, you've been talking about a collaboration album with Too Short called The History Channel but the project never materialized. What happened?

E-40: Aww man, you know how it is... we were going to do it through Jive Records at the time but Jive were going through their "pop" thing with NSYNC and Backstreet Boys and Britney and all that good stuff, so it didn't jump off. But to this day, me and Too Short do a lot of work together, and as a matter of fact, he's on 2 or 3 songs on my new album. We have a whole bunch of songs we've been working on, songs that are already in the can ready to be put out there. So we're definitely still working on The History Channel.

MOG: I've seen you do a bunch of national interviews with big outlets, and they seem to only focus on the fact that you create slang. Do you think people zero in on the slang thing too much?

E-40: Yeah I think that they do, but I can't get mad at them because that's the main thing that pokes out to them. But at the same time, yeah I do wonder why that's all they talk about. It's more than just my slang with me, I rap about some serious issues and I think I'm one of the coldest emcees to ever touch a microphone man, I'm in my own lane, I'm in my own world... it's deep game involved.

MOG: Okay, so with that said do you feel you're under-appreciated from the world of hip-hop as a whole?

E-40: Definitely. People I call game goofy, tardy, truant, and square dancers... they think I'm wack. But the real hood muthafuckas where it counts? The cats behind the bars, and behind the walls, the real muthafuckas in my culture that count? They think I'm one of the best to ever touch a microphone. I rap about things they can relate to, it ain't about brag rapping... I just spit, I talk all kind of angles and after 23 years I've covered all areas of the game, I should have been ran out of gas.

MOG: Do you ever think about retiring at this point?

E-40: You know what? It's really never crossed my mind. My mind, body, and fan base are telling me to keep going. You don't hear R&B singers retiring, they stay at it... I take off to the pioneers before me, but I wish they would have kept going and stayed consistent. What I'm doing now is I'm making it better for the young generation, so when they get my age and become a seasoned vet they gonna feel like they can still rap. They're gonna say "Well E-40 did it and he was one of the greats".

MOG: Are we ever going to see another album from The Click?

E-40: Yes sir, be on the lookout for our album, Respect and Recognition.

MOG: Throughout your career you've collaborated with underground artists more-so than the mainstream guys, why is that?

E-40: I fuck with some mainstream artists, but a lot of mainstream artists are Hollywood. Their noses are in the air and they don't understand that you can be here one minute and gone the next. The underground artists, I try to teach them "hey man, stay humble, we're gonna stay at this". I try to give them game and there's a mutual respect.

MOG: Speaking of younger artists, what went wrong with The Hyphy Movement? At one point it was one of the biggest things in the country but it kind of faded away and nobody from the Bay Area blew up. So where did it go wrong?

E-40: There were some artists that blew up, but it didn't work out the way they wanted it to work out. Some artists got major deals from that movement and a lot of people benefited as far as concert promoters, marketing people, and the rappers from the Bay Area made money from doing songs with artists from other regions. I wasn't the only one who benefited from The Hyphy Movement, but I was the only one who had a built-in fan base to add with that. The movement still exists, but a lot of people want to be number one in The Bay Area and we're our own worst enemies but we're getting it straight.

MOG: Ok, one more: How did you hook up with The Lonely Island from Saturday Night Live for the song "Santana DVX"?

E-40: They're fans because they're from Berkeley, Ca... so I was down with it. They're fans of my music, those guys are funny as hell.

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Message Publié : 16 Avr 2010, 12:42
par Lord Fatine
E-40 performing at Rasputin Music in Berkeley, promoting his new album "Revenue Retrievin".

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Message Publié : 20 Avr 2010, 16:49
par Lord Fatine
La review sur
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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Message Publié : 28 Avr 2010, 20:55
par Lord Fatine
Forty Waters est bien parti pour clipper tous les sons de son nouveau LP :

Re: E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' (2010, Vallejo)

Message Publié : 28 Avr 2010, 21:12
par red-one
Waaw :shock:
ca fait combien de clip la en tout ?
moi j'en ai vu que 3 pour l'instant
celui avec too Short
celui avec les danses tribales (qui etait pas mal )
et celui avec Mike marshall