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Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 20 Mars 2010, 22:56
par Lord Fatine
GROS lyriciste en provenance de la Bay Area.


J'avais rédigé une ébauche d'article concernant son clip "Rare form" :
E-A-Ski presents Locksmith - Rare form

On reste dans la baie de San Francisco avec ce jeune loup parrainé par un vieux briscard : Locksmith & le vétéran E-A-Ski, qui nous délivrent du gros son sous une forme que l’on aimerait voir moins rare en ces temps de crise.


Est-il besoin de présenter Mister E-A-Ski AKA Shon Adams, véritable pionnier du G-rap from da Bay Area, plus précisément de Oakland, California ? La liste de ses crédits en tant que producteur [1] étant interminable, en voici un survol rapide :

-Son comparse des débuts Master-P [2] (pour qui il a forgé une bonne partie des hits No Limit Records période 92-93)
-Ice Cube
-Spice 1
-The Luniz (Yukmouth & Numskull)
-Jayo Felony
-Mr Mike (L’album Wicked Wayz)

Ainsi que des remixes pour
-Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
-Naughty By Nature

Sans oublier des participations aux original soundtracks de Friday ou Menace II Society. (Ouf !)

Mais le propriétaire de Infrared Music Group se réserve aussi de bonnes balouzes afin de poser ses rimes car il se démerde pas mal derrière un micro, prenons pour exemple le phat "The manuscript" paru en 2002 2003 (Merci ze0n) :


Mister Ski nous présente donc ici l’un de ses poulains venu de Richmond, California : Locksmith. [3] Dans la vidéo "Rare form", extrait de son 1er LP à venir "Frank The Rabbit", le jeune MC montre d’évidentes dispositions à déchirer le mic, comme le prouvent les quelques extraits en écoute sur son site officiel (La tuerie "Toss up" est à checker d’urgence), avec bien sûr la bénédiction du parrain à la prod ! Il ne s’agit pas ici du coup d’essai des deux lascars qui nous ont aguiché il y a déjà quelques semaines avec un 1er clip "IMGMI", sorte de carte de visite pour le label (à surveiller, mais est-il bien nécessaire de le préciser ?) Don’t front !

Locksmith - Rare form

[1] Souvent assisté d’un acolyte qui le suit tel une ombre : Mister CMT, lui aussi from Oakland.

[2] Avec lequel il est en bisbille maintenant : Ski ne veut plus qu’on lui parle de Percy Miller qui serait un ingrat d’après ses dires...

[3] Moitié du duo The Frontline avec son acolyte Left.

Locksmith & E-A-Ski - I.M.G.M.I.

Locksmith - Toss up (absolute tuerie à mon goût)

Le nouveau banger "Get it in" :

Et d'autres extraits de l'album :

Plus quelques clips du groupe Frontline (Locksmith & Left) :

Une interview de Ski & Lock :

Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 21 Mars 2010, 11:25
par The Untouchable
Locksmith - Rare form :arrow: Tuerie !!

Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 21 Mars 2010, 12:24
par Lord Fatine
LilJay of a écrit:Locksmith is testing his mettle with a solo career. While putting the finishing touches on his debut LP “Frank the Rabbit”, Locksmith is releasing the single “Therapudic” which is already making its rounds on mixshows and getting regular spins on KMEL and Sacramento’s KBMB.

The Richmond-born emcee hasn’t lost his trademark raw lyricism, precise delivery, or stinging critiques of the status quo. Whether it be industry games or governmental corruption, Lock calls it how he sees it on the new track. With his lyrical prowess over super-producer E-A-Ski’s lean, menacing beats, Locksmith transcends all Hip-Hop boundaries.

From his studio in Oakland, Lock expresses his excitement about his solo release and claims that “Frank the Rabbit”, which features Royce the 5′9, Jake One, Left of the Frontline and E-A-Ski, might surprise heads.

“Sonically, it’s very different from what I’ve done in the past” Locksmith adds. “There’s lots of instrumentation, a little reminiscent of old school Hip-Hop.” As for the concept, it’s a wild ride into the darker, uncensored side of his brain, an idea he got from one of his favorite flicks, “Donnie Darko”.

“Frank the Rabbit” will hit stores this summer.

(Mars 2009) a écrit:E-A-Ski Comments On Protege Locksmith, Album

Bay Area producer E-A-Ski is credited with helping craft a sound for artists such as Spice-1, Jayo Felony and early No Limit releases. After even recording an entire album, shelved (before a recent leak) with Dr. Dre, Ski has been hard at work for the last half-decade with his group The Frontline.

After three releases between 2004 and 2007, The Frontline's Locksmith has now focused, under the tutelage of E-A-Ski, on his solo debut. Titled Frank The Rabbit, the 2009 release will be entirely produced by the man responsible for such hits as Spice-1's "Trigger Gots No Heart."

"What I love about Locksmith's music--and why I wanted him on my label--is because creatively, he pushes the boundaries of Hip Hop, but he's able to still make bangin' music that heads will appreciate," said "The Almighty" producer to HipHopDX in a statement. "Artists tend to be either one or the other; it's rare to find that mix."

Locksmith added, “I think you have to push yourself creatively and that’s what I’m trying to do,” before clarifying, "And The Frontline isn’t going anywhere.”

Frank The Rabbit will feature appearances from Royce Da 5'9", Jake One and The Frontline.

(Avril 2009)

Vapors Magazine a écrit:Hello My Name Is Locksmith


Hello my name is…

-Frank The Rabbit aka Gummo

I was raised in…
-Richmond, Ca

The reason that you’re reading about me is…
-(job/company affiliations/whatnot)

I work for…
-I’m a dedicated artist who concerned only with making quality music

Right now I’m working on…
-My new album “Frank The Rabbit” and punishing weak MC’s

But I’d rather be…
-Doing nothing else

My most prized possessions are…
-My Family and my passion for artistic expression

But I’d give it all away for…

The first thing I do in the morning is…
-Thank the creator

The last thing I do at night is…
-Same as above

My momma always said…
-Put God first and the rest will fall in place

I love it when people…
-Inspire me. When I see someone succeed it only fuels me to work harder. I love it!

I can’t stand when people…
-Settle in life or lower their standards

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is…
-Yet to be seen. But witnessing the birth of my godson would be the closest.

The ugliest thing I’ve ever seen is…
-The face a jealous man makes when i succeed

I am what I drive, which is…
-A hybrid SUV made from human skin and dead rappers’ heads a wheels

If you ever see me walking down the street…
-I probably already saw you but you didn’t know it.

My most notable run-in with the law…
-Will not be discussed

If I had to say sorry it would be because…
-For unintentionally hurting the ones I care for.

I get lose control when…
-I choose to. Which isn’t very often.

The last time I swore I’d never drink was after a night of…
-Never drink. I must always be totally aware of my actions and thoughts.

Future projects and plans…
-Locksmith EP and Frank the Rabbit album droppin 2009

And before I leave I’d like to give a shout out to…

(Mai 2009) a écrit:Locksmith Interview
Author: Adam Bernard

Locksmith is known in the Bay Area as one of the best battle emcees around. In 2003 he was one of the finalists in an MTV battle that landed him on national TV, he's been featured at NYC's venerable End Of the Weak, and he's currently working with the freestyle battle network Grind Time. Battling, however, isn't the only thing Locksmith is about. Currently he's working on his solo debut with Left, who is his partner in rhyme from his group Frontline, and producer E-A-Ski. This week RapReviews caught up with Locksmith to find out more about his music, how he plans on avoiding the wack album curse that afflicts the vast majority of battle rappers, and how his half black - half Persian background affects both his music and his worldview.

Adam Bernard: Battle rappers, historically, make terrible albums. Tell me, how are you going to sidestep this landmine?
Locksmith: That's never been a problem for me. My mind state going into a battle, or going into a freestyle competition, is totally different. Even within that there are so many different levels. You can have battle emcees that do it live where you're battling an opponent, then you have battles emcees like a KRS-One who can battle you on a record and he's also a dope artist, as well. I guess it's just kind of my mind state and what I grew up on and also working with a veteran like E-A-Ski, and even my partner Left, my mind state has always been on being an artist and a songwriter and being a complete artist, so to me it's never been a problem. I've never had a problem with separating the two and knowing the boundaries of one another.

AB: Have you ever had an opponent in a battle take something you said a little too personally? I know you have to have at least one or two horror stories.
L: You know what, it's different when you're in a more organized arena, then people kind of know we're here to freestyle, we're here to battle, but I've had times where things have gotten out of hand. People get personal, a lot of people are sore losers and they kinda get up in your face, they don't want to let it go. I've had times where I've done more unorganized battles where it's just been like we're in a room, or we're on the street, and it almost came to blows cuz people were so upset. I've never had nothing that was too severe, but I've had times when we were up in people's faces and they were up in our faces and it got to that point where it was like hey, we're getting a little too aggressive.

AB: Tell me about what you're working on now because I know you have a project that you're either completing or has been completed.
L: I'm working on my first solo album with producer E-A-Ski and my partner Left. The album is called Frank The Rabbit. It's based on my persona and the Donnie Darko character, but it's me internalizing it and putting my own thoughts and my own twist on it and how I view the world and the music industry and everything. It's me exposing what I feel needs to be said right now in the world, period. I have a few songs that I put out on the internet and a few videos that are being received very well, and the more I'm putting it out the more it's getting bigger and bigger, so I'm just really focused on getting that done and taking each step by step. I may even release an EP, or a street album, kind of a teaser, for download through my site because I've been getting a big response out here and I just want to spread it and with the technology and the convenience of the internet you can get your music out there so everybody can hear it. I get people hitting me from all over, especially because of the battles. That's another thing about using the battles and having things on YouTube, you get people from all over, so now I'm getting more and more traffic and it's exposing people to my music, it's bringing people into my world.

AB: I've noticed in many of your videos a lot of people are wearing a shirt with the letters IMGMI on it. What's that stand for?
L: That's Infared Music Group Gangsta Music Incorporated. That's the music company that I'm signed to that was founded by E-A-Ski. He's worked a lot of big names, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Naughty By Nature, Jay-Z, pretty much everybody, and I've been working closely with him. That's the company. That's what I represent.

AB: What do you think is going to draw people to your music?
L: The sincerity and the realness, and it's just a different approach. I have no choice but to be sincere and to be brutally honest about everything that I'm doing and my music is going to reflect that. The production is gonna reflect that, the lyrics and the content are gonna reflect that. And I don't mean like I gotta be real, or I gotta be this hard dude, it's about making myself vulnerable, too, because any person that's human is vulnerable at certain stages and people can identify with that.

AB: You're of African-American and Persian descent. How does having such a unique ethnic background affect and influence your work?
L: It has a huge effect. I tell people like this, I'm black and I'm Persian, but culturally I'm black. Even though my mother and father both have a huge influence on me I was raised culturally black here in Richmond, which is an urban “hood” area, but at the same time I was exposed to other cultures and other things because I'm Muslim, as well. I also graduated from college and have been exposed to all kinds of cultures. All that plays a part, it gives a person a wider horizon of things to talk about. It diversifies my subject matter. I had a song called “Backpack” that was on the last Frontline album and I kind of expanded on it on my solo album. It's about growing up bi-racial, or from different ethnic backgrounds, and dealing with that in the hood and dealing with that in society and how black people view me and how Persian and all different types of ethnic backgrounds view me, so it has a huge part in my music.

AB: And I'm guessing you keep a much closer eye on what's going on in the Middle East than a lot of folks might.
L: Definitely, definitely. A lot of the music and a lot of the subject matter… I never labeled myself as a conscious rapper, or a Hip-Hop rapper, I just do what I feel and I love all kinds of music, but I'm even critical of those kinds of rappers because I feel like people are doing things that are just for show. When I talk about the Middle East, or politics, it's going to be my real point of view. I'm not saying what I think people want to hear about those issues, or “we should say this about this because that's what's safe to say and I'll be considered conscious.” No, I'm saying what I really feel. I don't know what you want to call it. The conscious rappers may not like it. I don't know who's gonna like it, but I feel like it's the truth.

AB: Can you give us your thoughts on the Middle East and Iran and what's going on there?
L: I know America and the west, it's kind of like this campaign now because America is saying Iran is a terrorist state and they support terrorism and blah blah blah. Honestly, my honest feeling is that America is acting like a terrorist right now because they're the ones going into these other countries and what we call terrorism they call “going in” and “diplomacy.” If you go into Afghanistan and you're sending more troops into Afghanistan, civilians are dying, that's terrorism, too. These people have no choice but to fight back and Iran is just saying we don't support this Western, capitalist, global view that you have of trying to “modernize” these other countries. What's wrong with them doing what they do? America's inflicting their views and how they think society should be and you know America has economic interest in these different countries, so once America gets in and they plant their flag you know that it was economically based and they have those interests involved. So I feel like Iran, when they support these different groups, and I'm not saying support terrorism and kill innocent people AT ALL, because I'm totally against that, but I do believe that Iran is one of the last few Islamic states that are acting independent from the Western world and that's a threat to any country that wants to globalize the world. That's my view on that.

AB: And that is definitely an honest view.
L: That's just my view. What you consider terrorism, we get this view, and we look at the media and the media is completely skewed because you have sponsors, you have people that are controlling the media because the media, if you're looking at NBC, CBS, they all have to have commercial sponsors and a certain thing has to be put out and America has interest in all those things, so they can't go against their interests, so we're getting a skewed view. The rest of the world may have a very different view of America than we have ourselves. We know that. A lot of countries are pissed off. Then we get a black president who is kinda put into office, because we all know that if you're a president and you have to run for president, whoever is financing that, they have an agenda, so it looks good to have this black face on what's going on right now, because the rest of the world can identify with that, but it still doesn't change the deeds that America's doing, how they're kinda pillaging the rest of the world, and that's why we have a bad worldview right now.

(Juin 2009)

Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 21 Mars 2010, 16:53
par ze0n
Ca doit bien faire 2 ans qu'il se taille un bon buzz dans la Bay, fin 2009 il était de manière récurrente cité parmi les leaders de la Bay aux cotés de The Jacka et cie .... Tu reconnais direct le phrasé d'un mec de freestyle (battle), le flow est propre et les lyrics tranchantes. Les titres postés plus haut par LF représente bien le style du gars je trouve, le son Rare Form est un exemple de bon son hip hop.
Bon parcontre, il s,est fait taillé par Mistah FAB (the king of freestyle) dans une chanson il lui sort qu'en fait Locksmith devait improviser and '' he said somehing that he wrote '' :lol: pour la petite anecdote...

Sinon LF bien vu pour ce topic (encore une fois lol), ca va permettre a pas mal de monde découvrir le loustic en question.

Par contre le son The Manuscript de Ea-Ski ca date de 2003 sur l'album Past and Present, ou les skits sont des interview de ski en fait, et dans l'album la il traite un peu l'industrie du rap vis a vis du boycott du westcoast et de la classification categorik faite par les gens de l'industrie (Rappeur=case 1 Producer=case 2 .......)
Tout ça pour montrer qu'au final il sait tenir son role derriere un Mic lol.
Sinon le son The Manuscript, c'est genre le plus gros East Coast Diss de tous les temps en son post 2K :twisted:

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Message Publié : 20 Avr 2010, 17:04
par Lord Fatine
Un nouveau son de Lock' :

-Locksmith - Man up

Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 21 Avr 2010, 14:14
par Lord Fatine

Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 26 Avr 2010, 20:34
par red-one
je decouvre LockSmith à travers le son "Man Up" et franchement j'ai super kiffé
putain d'instru d'EA Sky avec de belle variation au refrain

par contre en regardant les avis sur ce son dans les forums americains je remarque que les gens sont géneralement decu par ce son car apparement le mec c'est Un Mc à Freestyle, et donc le son passe comme etant "trop commercial"

Mais moi je trouve qu'il à une putain de Vibe ce son !! :mrgreen:

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Message Publié : 26 Avr 2010, 20:43
par Lord Fatine
Chuuuuuch !

Moi le son du gars que je me repasse en boucle c'est celui-ci :

Un très bon MC.


Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 26 Avr 2010, 21:24
par red-one
effectivement gros son aussi !

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Message Publié : 06 Mai 2010, 02:23
par Kicket
rhooo oui oui oui, c'est quoi cette balouze le "Man Up" ?! :D

tu mets ça à donf dans une caisse avec un gros système audio, ya moyen de bien faire chier tout le monde aux feux rouges, ahahah...

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Message Publié : 06 Mai 2010, 08:08
par red-one
j'ai écouté pas mal de son de LockSmith depuis "Man Up" tel que Rare Form ou "Toss Up" et pour l'instant ce MC c'est the Red-One's Decouverte of the Year 2010
va t'il garder cet place longtemp ? avec EA Ski à ses cotés c'est fort probable !

Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 22 Mai 2010, 10:13
par Lord Fatine
Interview de Lock' pour Keep'N it 100 TV:

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Message Publié : 29 Juil 2010, 13:29
par Lord Fatine


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Message Publié : 29 Juil 2010, 17:53
par red-one
putain Danny Glover ca fesait un bail !! lol
c'est le trailer d'un Clip ou d'un film ?

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Message Publié : 29 Juil 2010, 18:48
par Lord Fatine
Du nouveau clip de E-A-Ski & Locksmith qui vient apparemment d'être primé... :D

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Message Publié : 05 Août 2010, 16:11
par Lord Fatine
Alors en fait il s'agit du dernier clip réalisé par E-A-Ski qui vient d'être primé au Kelowna Film Festival au Canada :


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Message Publié : 23 Août 2010, 14:10
par Lord Fatine
Locksmith - Man up (official video)


Re: Locksmith (Richmond)

Message Publié : 23 Août 2010, 18:32
par red-one
ha putain c'est une boucherie ce son !!
comme l'a souligné Kicket plus haut, faut l'ecouter en voiture pour l'aprecier !!
par contre aurait pu etre meilleur je pense !

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Message Publié : 23 Août 2010, 18:56
par red-one
je calcule la fin du clip à été tournée en meme temp que la partie de Locksmith pour le Wake Up Show Antheme 2010 de King Tech !!

son freestyle vaut d'ailleurs le detour tout comme celui de Tech N9ne et celui de rass kass !! 8)